Monday, March 24th, 2014

Munich. Visiting Schmuck 2014. Day 3


I spent last Saturday the 15th at the Internationale Handwerksmesse where the Handwerk & Design Fair was celebrated. Sofia Björkman, jeweler and owner of Platina Gallery, told me about her recent work shown at her gallery’s stand where we could see the exhibition “Contemporary Swedish Art Jewelry.” It was a long day at the fair seeing gorgeous pieces of jewelry and meeting people. Among the Schmuck and Talente selections I  found many pieces that I had previously known only by photograph and many others absolutely new to me. A variety of materials and techniques as well as the use of different elements in very imaginative ways wake one’s curiosity and interest for this form of expression closer to art than to craft.

In the afternoon, prizes were awarded.  Talente (jewelry): Patricia DominguesLauren TickleLisette Appeldorn. Hebert-Hoffmann-Prize: Iris Bodemer, Noon PassamaAkihiro Ikeyama. Congratulations to all!

The day finished with a dinner at Augustiner Keller where I was really pleased to met in person jewelers Linda Ezerman and Jillian Moore, as well as Nelly Van Oost whose beautiful necklace was a finalist in the BKV Prize 2013 which I saw at the fair only a few hours before.


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