Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Caroline Broadhead

1977 Cotton necklace



1979 Tufted Bracelet#978399


My work explores objects that have a relationship with a person, for instance jewellery, clothing or furniture. I am interested in their proximity to the body; the sense of territory and touch; boundaries and edges; presence and absence and the creation of a balance between substance and image.

Over nearly 40 years it has evolved from small- scale objects, to work that expresses ideas about a person’s relationship to their environment and through to the manipulation of subtle atmospheres in architectural spaces.  Dance performances, made in collaboration with Angela Woodhouse, explore detail and intimacy and ways in which the audience is integrated within the work.

I am Course Leader for BA Jewellery at Central Saint Martins, London


1984 twist to fit



1990 Wobbly Dress



2001 Suspend



2003 Red Dress 1



2006 Exchange of Views



2010 Red Outlined chair



I was very happy to meet Caroline Broadhead few days ago in Gdansk (Poland) when we were jurors for the Amberif Awards. In these images you can see a sample of the long professional path of this artist who has worked in various disciplines such as textiles and jewelry, as well as doing choreography for dance and installations. Projects must be conceptual, with an idea that makes sense, and the size of the result (large or small scale) is based solely on the area where they are created. Caroline is one of those people who I like to hear speak, because you always learn something.  I hope to enjoy that again someday when I will listen to her words with attention.


Vaig estar molt contenta de conèixer a la Caroline Broadhead fa uns dies a Gdansk (Polònia) on vam format part del jurat dels premis Amberif. En aquestes fotografies es pot veure una mostra del llarg recorregut professional d’aquesta artista que ha treballat en diferents disciplines com el tèxil i la joieria, així com també fent coreografies per a dança i instal·lacions. Els projectes han d’estar farcits d’un concepte, d’una idea que els hi doni sentit, així  les dimensions del resultat (gran o petita escala) estan en funció únicament de l’àrea on es treballa. La Caroline és una persona d’aquelles que m’agrada tan escoltar perquè sempre n’aprens alguna cosa, espero tornar-la a trobar algun dia, escoltaré les seves paraules amb atenció.


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