Friday, February 28th, 2014

Stefano Rossi

2012 Shibuichi Passaggio


Passage. 2012, brooche shibuichi , silver 925 ‰, gold, harmonic steel (reticulation, oxidation, construction)


Painting with metals

Researching in the field of Japanese alloys brought me to experimentation, developing languages to express myself or different concepts or feelings. Oxidations and different patinas on schibuichi, more than a technical challenge are a way of introducing colours into metalsmithing. Mokumegane is more similar to Zen meditation than just an antique and fascinating technique. The difficult and elaborate process has an hypnotic power on the few craftsmans who come in touch with. This practice requires competence, skillness, training, equilibrium, and a lot of patience…to me the same as in alpinism. And, as for Zen, explaining is like betraying. So as regards inspirations, states of the soul and feelings, I’d prefer let the pieces speak or communicate on their own.


2012 Shibuichi Fuoco-1

Fire. 2012, pendant shibuichi , silver, gold, harmonic steel


2012 Shibuich Incontro

Incontro. 2012, brooche shibuichi, silver 925‰, yellow god, harmonic steel


2013 Shibuichi Calix

Calix. 2013, Pendant shibuichi, silver 925 ‰, pure gold (keum-boo, reticulation, oxidation, construction) mm 100 x 80


2012 MokumeganeTwistagain-1

Twist again. 2011, brooche mokume gane (silver, copper) and pure gold (keum boo)


2013 Mokumegane Due

Two. 2013, ring mokume gane (silver, copper)


2011 Mokumegane Ellissi

Ellipsis. 2011, ring cocco wood, yellow gold, mokume (silver, copper, brass)


2008 Mokumegane Generatrici di luce-1

Light Generatrix. 2009, necklace mokume gane (silver, copper and brass), silver 925 ‰

I was captivated by the color on jewels by Stefano Rossi that I saw during last edition of JOYA in Barcelona.  I especially love the ones where he counterposes geometric shapes with others that are more organic and colored.

Em va captivar el color de les joies de l’Stefano Rossi que vaig veure durant la darrera edició de JOYA a Barcelona, m’agraden especialment aquestes on contraposa les formes geomètriques amb l’altres més orgàniques i colorejades.

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