Monday, January 6th, 2014

Mina Kang





Ramie fabric Jewelry

I don’t easily expose my feelings. For that my emotions that has been built during relationship with people are completely concealed and released in the space that is exclusively my own. In that space, my feelings are expressed through work. My internal emotions are brought into a form of abstract that is unknown to anyone. Sometimes controlled in complete geometrical form or angers are expressed in curvy and twisted form. Complementary color contrast and bold colors become expression of emotions that could not have exposed.

Sawing is an important expression method in my work. Sawing is also called ‘medium of poetic sensibility’ due to bring about visual effect on lyrical sensibility with delicate touch with simple, repetitive handmade work. Even if one tries to bring out rigid and rough expression, the form implemented by sawing bears softness. When you are connecting stitch by stitch within various emotions, sawing eventually enable one to cultivate ability of self control and means to express emotions that is one’s own. Sawing requires focus and effort thus the time when one is immersed in sawing is not interrupted by anything and various emotions in the beginning will gradually disappear and only left is splendid work.

Work that used ramie and sawing is structural and flowing abstract three-dimensional jewelry that cross between geometrical and organic shape.












Mina Kang works with fabrics and makes jewels by sewing different planes that configure three-dimensional pieces.  She combines intense colors between the lines and surfaces. I invite you to visit her website and enjoy her work.


La Mina Kang treballa amb teixits i fa joies cosint diferents plans que configuren peces tridimensionals tot combinant colors intensos entre les línies i les superfícies. Us convido a visitar el seu wb i gaudir del seu treball.





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