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Akis Goumas




Goumas-Gremouti Joya 5 brooch




The process of designing a piece of jewelry or an object is a journey in time. I follow a path through emotions, concepts and images. It is an ensemble of elements, powered by memories, experiences and myths. My work is a medium, through which I aim to communicate with other people.

 I enjoy observing natural structures and studying prehistoric findings from the Aegean region with a group of archeologists.

 An elaborately braided bird nest, a delicate embroidered by vasculars flower capsule, the growth lines on a mollusk shell, the nettings formed by capillary vessels inside the body, are all parts of a world in which I like to lose myself in.

 I admire the resourcefulness and the intelligence of the anonymous prehistoric metal workers, who with only a few tools created masterpieces. They teach me how to decode ancient tool traces and techniques.

 The pieces that I make are three dimensional compositions-objects designed to be worn.”

 Techniques, materials, colors and textures are the language through which I express myself during these journeys of creating.




Goumas-Gremouti Joya 1 ring








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black with sides 5



I was lucky to meet the Greek artist Akis Goumas and his wife Georgia Gremouti in Barcelona last October during the JOYA fair where he was a participant.  I fell in love with his delicate jewels in organic forms and vibrant colors.  Georgia collaborates with him making the textile parts and it is clear in my mind how different these jewels look in person.  They are gorgeous, like imaginary fruits and plants that you need to touch. The last three images show pieces from the exhibition held at the Benaki Museum in Athens in March 2013. Akis makes jewelry, objects and installations and since 2008 he has collaborated with the magnificent Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens. For more information please visit his website, blog and Fan Page on Facebook.


El passat mes d’octubre a Barcelona, durant la fira JOYA, vaig tenir la sort de conèixer a l’artista Akis Goumas i a la seva dona Georgia Gremouti on el hi participava. Em vaig enamorar d eles seves delicades joies de formes orgàniques i colors vibrants. La Georgia col·labora amb ell fent les parts tèxils i tinc ben clar dins meu com són de difents aquestes joies vistes al natural. Són fabuloses, com fruits i plantes imaginaris que has de tocar. Les darreres tres imatges mostren peces de l’exposició celebrada al museu Benaki d’Atenes el març d’aquest any. L’Akis fa joieria, objectes i instal·lacions, a més des del 2008 col·labora amb el magnífic museu d’Art de les Cíclades a Atenes. Trobareu més informació al seu web, al seu blog i a la seva Fan Page del Facebook.

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