Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Natasha Dea




I take materials with very different properties and  combine them into the whole.

I am captured by an opportunity to create a piece of art from absolutely nonjewelry materials .

I take natural materials such as stones, metals,  glass,  fabric, wool, wood add polymers,  plastic, paint.

And it turn into a new classical form. New sample. But these forms and images aren’t non randomness, they express simple or deep ideas.

Universe as a whole or small impressions of landscapes or drawing of stones.  The material itself prompts  what it  is necessary to do with it. What idea by means of it can be expressed.

Sometimes it is a game in transformations.  Here is the ring,  it is only  made of wool and decorated with classical  peahen of pearls. Or a pearl necklace with an insert of a slice of tree branch 

All this can be called  manifestation of other reality. Feelings, emotions, unclearness, escaping, incomplete…

It isn’t necessary to explain, it needs to be felt.


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