Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

“A Day That Seemed Like Any Other …” Exhibition at Galerie Objet Rare in Paris

Affiche un jour qui paraissait comme les autres


affiche back


A day that seemed like any other …

This project was born from the desire of Marielle Debethune , Katharina Dettar and Clement Puig to question  their own way of doing an exhibition. It’s about finding a new interactive manner for the presentation of the project, and most of all about the effect the exposure will have on the public. This method will be applied to two particular fields : contemporary jewellery and photography .

The aim is approaching an uninitiated public proposing a more intimate, more social exposure produced by interdisciplinarity (jewellery, photography, collage, cooperation with the gallery’s neighbourhood…).

The jewels and the pictures are both public and intimate objects . Intimate because they are often loaded with emotions and memories. Public because they are made to be seen and shown .

Based on this intrinsic duality of jewellery and photography, the concept is to transpose this idea to an antagonistic character exhibition: where the individual, private, sentimental world  meets the one of collective, public, everyday life.

Therefore the concept is to present an exhibition of various meeting points:

Before opening the local residents of the gallery neighbourhood will be photographed wearing the jewels in normal situations of their everyday lives, their places of work or in front of their homes .

During the exhibition these images will be presented in large-scale collages on the walls of their shops, houses and in their windows…  this will create an outdoor exhibition that the public will discover along their way that leads them to the gallery “Objet Rare ” ( 11 rue Paul Bert, 11eme, Paris) .
In this gallery the public will finally be able to see the pieces in vivo in an intimate  sphere recreating a private, everyday environment, so that contemporary jewellery and the photographs communicate with usual situations.
This back and forth , between private and public space, aims to involve the viewer and to propose new exhibition spaces.


cumboco Clement puig (2013)

Clement Puig


cayuco (2012)

 Katharina Dettar


abysse. marielle debethune. Galatheidae

Marielle Debethune




affiche cuisto

affiche galerie

affiche anna

The exhibition ”A Day That Seemed Like Any Other …” runs from September 13th to September 18th at Galerie Objet Rare in Paris.

L’exposició “Un joir qui paraissait comme les autres …” es podrà veure del 13 al 18 de setembre a la Galerie Objet Rare de París.

Artists/Artistes: Clement Puig, Katharina Dettar and Marielle Debethune.

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