Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Attai Chen




The present series of works relies primarily on recycled paper as the source material collected in fragments and compiled.
In nature I have observed, and always been intrigued by the cyclical motion of growth aiming for and reaching the fleeting moment of its realization, the subsequent consummation of this moment, decay and a new beginning.
In today’s society we imitate this cyclical and “inexhaustible” natural process in a motion for self-preservation, to sustain and to protect. The process of recycling also follows the pattern of growth, culmination, consummation and decay only to begin again.
It is my intension in these works to trace and create forms that capture the unfolding of this cyclical process in a man made world.
In my work I wish to capture the aesthetic beauty in this somewhat destitute condition and follow a process of unraveling growth to a fully evolved form, that has emerged from fragments of piled up discarded scrap material, tangible yet transitory.










Jewels from the series “Compounding Fractions” by Attai Chen.


Joies de la sèrie “Compounding Fractions” de l’Attai Chen.

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