Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Laura Wood



The traditional forms, colors, and textures of jewelry inspire me, and I enjoy taking a familiar silhouette and turning it on its head. Inserting paper adds an element of intrigue, as hidden and repurposed jewels are transformed into concealed mysteries.
I approach this series with reverence for forms of adornment popular in the 18th century, a style that was deeply rooted in corporeal relationships. Found jewels are scattered throughout and hidden from view. These precious stones rest preserved and concealed beneath a handmade veil, becoming ambiguous centerpieces in a tribute to that which what was loved, lost, cherished, or coveted.
Textures and materials are mixed together, pushing the idea of what jewelry is, was, will, and can be. I’d like to think that I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, but simply contributing to where it is able to go.












Jewels by Laura Wood.  You can find more information about her work by visiting her website, page on Crafthaus and page on SNAG.  She is one of ten artists who make up the Jackalope Collective, 10 American art jewelers who will be traveling to Amsterdam in November to participate in the SIERAAD Fair.


Joies de la Laura Wood de qui podeu trobar més informació visitant el seu web, la pàgina a Crafthaus i la pàgina a SNAG. Ella és una de les deu artistes que formen el Jackalope Collective, un col·lectiu de deu joieres americanes que viatjaran a Amsterdam al Novembre per participar a la fira SIERAAD.

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