Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Mikyoung Jung





I enjoy making artwork by combining kiln-formed glass with metal and other materials. Metal and glass on the surface seem to be incongruous and in opposition, which is similar to our mental construct of eastern and western culture. However, the fusion of these two elements creates new spaces for discourse and allows me to catalogue and articulate my emotions and encountered visual experiences acquired while traveling, which for me is a continual migration.

In my artwork, I explore the spaces with which we all share and this fusion of distinct elements is a metaphor for my own life – the old world and the new, east and west, citizen versus outsider.








Jewels by Mikyoung Jung, for more information please visit her website.


Joies de la Mikyoung Jung, en trobareu més informació al seu web.

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  1. aingeru says:

    Que bonito trabajo, especial,y que delicadeza trasmite….Gracias por compartir.

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