Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Laura Deakin




“With each death of a species comes the death of possibility” – Tim Flannery Concerned by the overall speed of ‘progress’ that has left many ecosystems empty of life the Gap in Nature Series attempts to highlight the ‘death of possibility’ that occurs once a species has dies out. Three Brooches inspired by three extinct birds. They ‘sit’, displayed on a white wall. Connected to the brooches was a small motor simulating the movement that a brooch might make should it be worn sitting, walking or running. Here the viewer was invited to see a little life breathed into in something that will never live again.-Academy of Fine Art, Munich, Final Graduation Exhibition.






Jewels from the series “A Gap in Nature” by Laura Deakin. For more information please visit her website.


Joies de la sèrie ”A Gap in Nature” de la Laura Deakin. Per més informació visiteu el seu web.

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