Friday, April 26th, 2013

Yeonmi Kang

Yeonmi Kang1




I like to transform personal experience, dreams related to human condition in to three- dimensional object jewelry. I question the inevitable fate of human being by exploiting symbolism. Through the everyday journey of transforming questions into objects, I want to be an observer of the unbalanced connection between the world and myself.








Yeonmi Kang2

Jewels by Yeonmi Kang, you can find more inforation on Charon Kransen Arts website.


Joies de Yeonmi Kang, podeu trobar més informació al web de Charon Kransen Arts.

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  1. wow! again thanks for sharing Montserrat. One of my favorite painters in Remedios Varo, and this work reminded me of her work. I am loving Ms. Kang’s pieces.

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