Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Dominique Lietaert

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Although my work is very diverse:sculptures, jewels, and paintings, the approach is similar. I create a communication between rhythms and surfaces, a tension between repetitions and forms. In spirit I feel very close to a jazz musician who, based on a rhythm, creates a surprising melody.


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Dominique Lietaert is a multimedia artist whose main professional interests are in graphic design, installations, sculpture,  painting, and jewelry design. Previously, she worked for several years as gallery director and curator of exhibitions. For more information  you can visit her website and page on Crafthaus.


Dominique Lietaert és una artista multimedia per la qual els principals interessos professionals són el disseny gràfic, les instal·lacions, l’escultura, la pintura i el disseny de joies. Prèviament havia treballat molts anys com a directora de galeria i organitzadora d’exposicions. Per més informació podeu visitar el seu web i la seva pàgina a Crafthaus.

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    Beautiful works Dominique!

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