Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Visiting Munich During Schmuck 2013

By Eva Burton



After the opening of ConSpiracion at the Cervantes Cultural Center, I went with Stephanie Barbié to visit other exhibitions. We attended the expo Transit at the Kunst & Handwerk Gallery that presented the work of jewelers from Israel, including Dana Hakim. Then we went to the opening of Schmuck you! with all the colorful pieces by Reka Lorincz and Flora Vaggi. Also Kings of My Blues by Alexander Blank.

The next day we visited Foresight 93/13, where eight students were gathered twenty years after their graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich to show similarities in their projects over the time. Among this group are Volker Atrops and Norman Weber.



In Suspended in Pink, curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap, the staging allowed very dynamic admiration of the pieces as they were hanging from the ceiling with transparent wires. The result was a room with 50 jewels suspended in the air, inviting exploration of every aspect of the pieces.  And of course, there was an explosion of pink everywhere one looked!

At the Museum of Ancient Art in Munich was the exhibition New jewelry for the gods.  You could visit rooms with antique Etruscan, Greek and other jewelry from ancient cultures as well as several pieces by contemporary artists including Philip Sajet, Dorothea Prull, Bruno Martinazzi, Tanel Veenre and Jaquelline Ryan.



Then we came to a private house where Peter Vermandere greeted us with great warmth. He made an installation of cigar boxes containing natural pyrites collected by him in the mountains, some electroformed. You couldn`t see the difference, but when you held them in your hands you could tell the difference in weight and temperature. The exhibition brought together works from different periods of his life and the selected pieces were mounted in wooden frames with photographs of the landscapes in which he collected the material. You had to get very close to discover the pieces in the pictures!



Then we arrived to Plateum, located in the attic of a private house. The staging was the best I saw during my visit to Munich, for the simplicity of installation and the warmth of the space.  We appreciated the wonderful pieces of Edu Tarin, Katharina Dettar, Patricia Dominguez and Barbora Dzuráková with a background of jazz music and sunny afternoon light streaming through the windows making me feel very comfortable and relaxed in a friendly atmosphere.

After all these tours we rested to recharge for the inauguration of Otto Kunzli in Pinakotec der Moderne.



The next day, before visiting the Talente and Schmuck exhibitions, we went to the Isabella Hund Gallery which presented the work of Mirjam Hiller.

That morning we spent all day looking at the exhibited work and the stands of  galleries Ra, Marzee and Platina, among others.

I came across a very interesting project called “Project Hand Shake” where students chose their favorite jeweler to tutor their work. They did it by Skype chats, emails, telephone and some face-to-face meetings.




What a great joy to see the pieces of my colleagues Eva Girbes and Marta Roca Solé at Talente!

Our last day in Munich was quieter with fewer people on the street and at shows. I didn´t want to miss All Aboard with pieces from Nicole Beck, Mirei Takeuchi and, one of my favorites, Despo Sophocleus.

The Lunatic Swing expo was very interesting with pieces from Attai Chen, Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary, Laura Deakin, Isverding Melanie, Emma Pierce and Sungho Cho, whose work was wonderful.



We finished with a great experience: My Kingdom by Tanel Veenre.  It was a real treat: at a sculpture studio, with traces of plaster and cement Tanel jewels shone as in a dream. Without doubt, the golden finale of Schmuck 2013!


Eva Burton is a jeweler member of Joyas Sensacionales collective.

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