Friday, March 15th, 2013

“Kings of my Blues” Exhibition by Alexander Blank in Munich


Kings of my Blues

- Did you get a haircut? No. I dyed the tips of my hair invisible.


„I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.“ – Jessica Rabbit

She’s clutching her huge bag, studded with little metal parts, lifting her upper body to peek out the window, the front seat in her way. Her multi-colored modern hair is twisted back, bright gold against the dark leather of her jacket. Her gaze is intent, she’s looking for somebody, she’s not that pretty in profile, you think. The color of her face is the color of her make-up, her hands are whiter and look like they don’t belong.

It starts showing near her ear. The silky locks turn damp and then green. Mold! She doesn’t seem to care, she will never turn around, her french manicure is pristine to a point of disgust, but her hair is turning moldy, it looks like pea soup leaking out of her ear und dripping slowly down these long strands. She starts squirming, you can hear her move, the leather jacket says so, but she will never look at you.


„Hello, I will be your sponge today.“ – Internet

He’s waving peace from the stone balcony – historical building now swamped by teenagers – he can’t erase the worried look from his face (they were mad) but now he’s smiling or trying to smile, his ears go up with the corners of his mouth and lift the baseball cap he’s wearing, black-and-white like his t-shirt. There are famous rappers on his t-shirt. On his left arm you can spot a tattoo, but it doesn’t look fierce at all.

He’s waving his left hand, a tired peace sign, he’s shaking his hand a bit too strong – his fingers are starting to grow. Quite rapidly even, inches in seconds, they push into the sky, over the crowd, piercing the clouds. His look is baffled, the smile frozen in his celebrity way, he is scared and has never before touched a cloud.


„Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club, and if you don’t get it you will nonetheless get something that looks remarkably like it.“ – Jack London

You can’t see her eyes, the sunglasses are too dark. She’s on the phone, her mouth is open, her hand is open, she’s explaining. Dressed to be in charge but she’s losing it. It’s a fur coat, can’t tell from here if it’s real. She’s worried for real, and pressing the phone to her ear with all the might of her little pale pink painted fingers, cozily cuddled up in that leopard, each blond hair doing what a hair does when it goes unnoticed and untouched for a tiny second.

I love you she shouts I want to be close to you I want you to be edible I want you to shut the fuck up. The sky answers and showers her in chocolate candy, in a sudden and dazzling opening of glittery wrapped candies. It is such a miracle that it doesn’t even hurt and she knows exactly how many candies there are.

Three stills for Alex, from us. Catrin Steck, Ricarda Kiel.







Kings of my Blues” was the exhibition by Alexander Blank that had been shown during Schmuck 2013 at ARTikel3 in Munich where he presented his recent work.

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Kings of my Blues” és l’exposició d’Alexander Blank que s’ha pogut veure durant Schmuck 2013 a ARTikel3 a Munich on hi presentava el seu treball recent.

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