Saturday, March 9th, 2013

“Life is juicy – How fragile is your day” Exhibition by Mia Maljojoki at Galerie Spektrum


In this series, I have been experimenting with porcelain to create wearable jewellery that explores the marks that emotions leave on our flesh.

Porcelain, like skin, begins as a soft, moist, and pliable substance. It can easi- ly be stretched, pushed, folded, scratched, torn, or rebonded to itself. When the desired series of actions has been applied, one dries it out and fires the leathery material at temperatures up to 1400°C. Similar to the way time, expe- rience, and emotion affect our bodies, this process, permanently changes the material composition leaving the porcelain hardened, durable, and stiff.

In response to this likeness, I have conducted video investigations of people in a variety of situations. These situations range from a boy lying in the sun on the beach, to a mother sitting in her living room just days before giving birth a third time. By filming subjects close up one is able to identify effects of the given conditions directly on the surface of the body.

The resulting works are flexible synthetic bands with accents of bright colors contrasted by hardened organic-shaped porcelain intestines.

What is juicy will be fragile. Mia Maljojoki 2013








You can visit the exhibition by Mia Maljojoki at Galerie Spektrum in Munich until April 27th.

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Podeu visitar l’exposició de la Mia Maljojoki a la Galerie Spektrum a Munich fins el 27 d’abril.

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