Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Elin Ryd




In my recent work I have concentrated on the state of opposition; of being inside and outside, of being together and at the same time apart.

These pieces try to communicate with each other, but they are always subjected to a kind of separation, they are together and yet still alone….






Jeweler Elin Ryd created Elindesign Jewellery, a small company producing exclusive and experimental jewelry.  Since April 2011, Elindesign Jewellery has had its own showroom/shop in central Gothenburg.


La joiera Elin Ryd va crear Elindesign Jewellery, una petita empresa que produeix joieria experimental i exclusiva, des de l’abril del 2011 Elindesign Jewellery té la seva pròpia botiga al centre de Gothenburg.


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