Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Morag Summerling





Through the use of structure, colour and mark making my work aims to communicate the atmosphere of the landscape it is extracted from.

Through the process of drawing and photography, I often focus on the irregularities of the natural environment that interests me; irregularity in surface and accumulated texture. Through my work I aim to recreate the natural layering and fissures in the landscape.

As a jeweller I am inspired by the way that the manmade and the organic interact. I am interested in instances where temporary manmade structures are forced to overcome the natural obstacles they encounter in an ingenious way. I am also attracted to images of abandoned structures that are reabsorbed and obscured by the environment. It is this glimpse of organic beauty that I aim to capture in my own jewellery.





Jewels by Morag Summerling.


Joies de Morag Summerling.


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