Thursday, December 27th, 2012

K. Claire MacDonald


My current practice focuses on an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to combine both metalsmithing and painting. In attempt to merge these seemingly disparate disciplines, I isolate small sections of my paintings and picture frames, and present them in a new context. This process allows the elements to adopt new auras as they become independent and self-referential entities. Through examining notions of disciplinary hierarchy, I strive to understand how we relate to works of both fine art and craft when they are recontextualized, repurposed, and represented in unexpected ways.







K. Claire MacDonald is a jeweler based in Toronto (Canada) and these images are from her “Magnified” series.  The pieces are made with brass, wood, steel and paint. You can find more information about her work on her new and old blogs.

La K. Claire MacDonald és una joiera que viu a Toronto (Canadà) i aquestes són imatges de la seva sèrie ”Magnified”. Les peces són fetes amb llautó, fusta, acer i pintura. Podeu trobar més informació de la seva feina al seus blog, el nou i el vell.

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