Monday, December 3rd, 2012




Exploring the wood on the creation of small sculptural objects and create meanings from them is the synthesis of my search for identity and artistic achievement nowadays.

Reusing precious material I build jewelry which want to raise questions, intrigue senses and provide pleasure to whom carries it.

I believe in art as a work of continuous self rediscovery and it is through an experimental, fun and very intense process with wood that I experiment the relations between body and art and compose synesthesical and textual messages.

Each series of pieces borns from an inside need of advancing in the knowledge of the material as well as of my own fears and questions. From these needs also born photographic images and texts which I publish in my online portfolio.

Use your wooden jewelry as a toy for the senses, as a daily experience for the touch, the vision and the smell; as a protection for the mind. More than being an ornament, the sculpture feeds and gives courage.







SeiZo works with wood and creates small compositions to wear. For more information please visit his website and his Fan Page on Facebook.


En SeiZo treballa amb fusta i crea petites composicions per portar damunt el cos. Trobareu més informació al seu web i a la seva pàgina del Facebook.



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