Friday, November 30th, 2012

Karen Vanmol


Karen Vanmol seeks in her work harmony to unite two worlds.
She is looking for a delicate balance between elements of the busy, modern city life and references to the silence and the slowness of nature. Her jewelry combine in a sensitive way clean organic shapes, and building materials with natural materials. Such as ground plans of a house look like farmland, a forests look like skyscrapers, in Karens work blurs the boundary between town and countryside.

Karen searches for the continuous evolution in her work. She continues the differences and similarities between urban and rural areas increasingly drawing out. Here she tries to monitor a Balance. The contrasts are softened by minimalist interventionist. The contrast between city and nature is not a struggle for Karen, on the contrary
all elements in her work rapprochement with each other, melting into a soft, balanced unit.

Lotte De Voeght







Jewels by Karen Vanmol, for more information please visit her website and her page on Klimt02.


Joies de la Karen Vanmol, trobareu més informació al seu web i a la seva pàgina de Klimt02.



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