Monday, November 5th, 2012

Lisa Kröber




my jewellery

my jewellery decorates, but rarely shines

my jewellery is passion, it combines passions

my jewellery is freedom, a can, no need

my jewellery is thinking, thinking of, thinking about

my jewellery is feeling

my jewellery is an expression of myself, it is imperfect

my jewellery is a secret, creates questions, searchs answers

my jewellery tells my stories and creates new ones

my jewellery is a transformation of words, a place for my memories











Lisa Kröber is a German jeweler who studied at  the University of Applied Sciences Trier in Idar- Oberstein (Germany) and who currently works as a freelance jewelry designer at the jewelry studio “Gram” in Tallinn (Estonia). The imperfect forms, the  colors retreating from the color spectrum, as well the use of black, all together involve her jewels in a mystery to be discovered.


La Lisa Kröber és una joiera alemanya que va estudiar a la University of Applied Sciences Trier in Idar- Oberstein (Alemanya) i que actualment treballa de dissenyadora freelance al taller de joieria “Gram” a Tallinn (Estònia). Les formes imperfectes, els colors que s’allunyen dels colors de l’espectre així com lús del negre, tot plegat envolta les seves joies en un misteri per ser descobert.



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