Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Joya 2012, My Visit (and Part Two)




At the showroom of “Joya,” the jewelry fair celebrated in Barcelona a few days ago, we saw jewels from more than thirty artists, some of whom have participated since the first edition, including Liana Pattihis who was this year’s guest artist.


Liana Pattihis has developed her own unique method of sifting and fusing enamel on a movable base.


Michael Berger with his kinetic rings in stainless steel and gold is also a familiar participant at the fair.


Ineke Otte and her colorful jewels inspired by nature with a bit of humor.


Ruth Laird uses geometric shapes for this collection inspired by math and physics.


Jewels by José Marín made with titanium and precious stones.


The “Fragments” collection by Daniela Boirei is inspired by archaeological fragments as treasures reborn.


Elaine Cox presented her collection “Tierra” inspired by the amazing forms, surfaces and materials of the Earth.


Jewels by Jee Hye Kwon made with silver and stones inspired mainly by architectural structures.


Jewels made with different materials by Niki Stylianou.


The most special jewel by Florence Croisier who will be the guest artist at the edition of Joya 2013.


You can find more information on the Mar de Color Rosa / Blog page in Facebook where I created an album named Joya 2012 and where I also shared albums about the event by different artists. I hope you like them.




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