Thursday, October 11th, 2012

“Staring at the Subconscious” by Jenny Edlund at Platina



In Jenny Edlund’s third exhibition, Staring at the subconscious, at gallery Platina, the time is not given. Jenny Edlund is in middle of life and her thoughts are directed both backward and forward in time. She’s not only in her own middle age, but also in the middle of a larger context, surrounded by the society we live in.
The reflection of our time is focused on the individual, who orienteers in the worlds collective. We expose ourselves to the world and fit into compartments where we fulfill a function in the game of life. Here we age, form us and build our frames of reference.
Days melt together into weeks, months, years or periods. Experiences interlace and create patterns of both old and new memories. Happenings will be repeated, old things will be of importance and topical again.
In the exhibition, Jenny Edlund shows work that revolve around human life with details taken from the subconscious store. Of thin wires, like electrons energy lines, she creates cells with generous airspace linked together to what we wear and have around.
Time is important but if it is day or night, autumn or spring, plays no role. Light and darkness are in every other. What we do, we have done before and will do again.
But when and how?



Today is the opening of the exhibition by Jenny Edlund at Platina Gallery. The exhibition runs until November 10th.

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