Monday, September 10th, 2012

“Cast from Different Moulds” MA Show 2012. Birmingham School of Jewellery






Panjapol Kulpapangkorn (Pai)

“ Everybody has their own jewellery but not everyone has been reminded that they have already worn it.”

Jewellery Is At My Feet is a project that challenges a traditional way of jewellery design. Films, sounds, diary, photographs and found objects were used as a raw material to create a strong emotional and physical relationship between object and wearer.



Ying-Hsun (Zita), Hsu

Guided by wonder, dynamic movement is the theme of my works; to capture vitality and energy in a static piece of work.

Finding beauty in imperfection and describing a state of flux in an unstable and impermanent condition.

The delicate and sensitive quality stresses the ephemeral moment, and the works are a documentation to appreciate the grace of time.




Lydia Feast

Repetitions in form and pattern underpin my work. I am drawn to thosedetails in the urban environment, which are overlooked as we hurriedly pass by. I find myself focusing on the order, repetition and sequences that arefound everywhere, from the details on train station seats to the carefully calculated sequence of bricks in a wall. I find the order and repetition in these details provides a calming effect from the daily hustle and bustle of life in an inner city, in that it is predictable and ordered providing continuity and a sense of ease and stillness.




Chen (Cherry ) Yan

My work is closely related to personal behavior and social activity, using gorgeous appearance to express an inner world of imperfection. I concentrate on colour and form composition to get amazing visual effects. I abandoned the original felt making methods, changed the natural colour, added the sparkled details and transformed the composition of different size fleshy balls to achieve quirkiness and originality.



The exhibition “Cast from Different Moulds” runs until September 26th at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. For more information please visit their blog and Facebook page.


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