Thursday, August 2nd, 2012



Their design takes its inspiration from Bauhaus and has been conceived on the basis of its maxim “less is more”. It is reduced to form to focus on their essence. Concrete stands for this clean and cool aesthetic and therefore becomes the principle of their design. Bergnerschmidt generates experimental but wearable accessories which combines purist and constructive expression with subtle femininity.






Designers Lily Bergner and Elisabeth Schmidt founded Bergnerschmidt in 2009. You can see examples from the “concrete jewellery” and “concrete pieces” collections on their website and also get more information from their Facebook page.


Les dissenyadores Lily Bergner i Elisabeth Schmidt van fundar Bergnerschmidt al 2009. Podeu veure exemples de les seves col·leccions ”concrete jewellery” i “concrete pieces” al seu web. Podeu, també, trobar més informació a la seva pàgina del Facebook.

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