Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

“Wood” Exhibition at Velvet da Vinci


WOOD seeks to explore the exciting new jewelry using wood as the primary material. Ideas of sustainability, preciousness and the sensuality of this humble material are the focus of this new exhibition.



Auba PontPendant IV, 2012. Wood, paint, silver and silk thread.


Catherine Truman. White Bag Brooch, 2012. English lime wood, paint.


Edgar MosaThe Mountain #5 Neckpiece, 2012. Wood, shell, paint, silver.


Flóra VágiWhite Spiral Bracelet, 2012. Oak, cold enamel, steel.


Jacob NybergDjungle Neckpiece,2012. Wood, paint, paper, chain.


Julia HarrisonBlue Belle Brooch, 2012. Pear wood, gouache, lacquer, magnet, nickel, wax, ebony.


Katy HackneyDiamonds Brooch, 2012. Bamboo, formica, cellulose acetate, holly & pear wood, ebony, other unknown wood, silver, steel, paint.


Kenta KatakuraNaked Ring, 2012. White Sycamore.


Leonor HipólitoBambusa Ventilus, buttonhole object, 2012. Wood, silver.


Lina PetersonBud Brooch, 2012. Painted lime wood, white precious metal.


Manuel VilhenaShades of Death Rings, 2102. Wood, natural vegetable dye.


Tom HillBird Skull and Vertebrae Pendant, 2012. Basswood, steel, paint.



You still have time to visit the exhibition “Wood” at Velvet da Vinci Gallery showing jewels by twenty-six international artists. The exhibition runs until June 17th.


Encara sou a temps de visitar l’exposició “Wood” a la galeria Velvet da Vinci on es mostren joies de vint-i-sis artistes internacionals. L’exposició dura fins el proper dia 17.


Artists / Artistes:

Agelio Batle, Garry Knox Bennet, Daniel DiCaprio, Thomas Gentille, Katy Hackney, Julia Harrison, Sachiyo Higaky, Tom Hill, Leonor Hipólito, Deukhee Ka, Kenta Katakura, Djurdjica Kesic, Beppe Kessler, Edgar Mosa, Nick Mullins, Jacob Nyberg, Gitte Nygaard, Lina Peterson, Auba Pont, Fliss Ouick, Gustav Reves, Catherine Truman, Julia Turner, Flóra Vági, Manuel Vilhena, Luzia Vogt.

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  1. always such a joy to visit this blog, so many good things to investigate…
    Love the Katy Hackney piece… reminds my of a music box with dancers on top (not to mention the bamboo base reminding me of my grandfather’s turned & carved bamboo jugs & cups)

  2. All the way in California, too bad this is gorgeous (wood) work.

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