Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

“Part of a Whole” Exhibition by Darcy Miro at Gallery Loupe


My artistic practice focuses on jewelry, sculpture and functional objects because of the diverse challenges and connections between these disciplines for someone committed to working in metal. The challenge of working on shifting scales, moving between functional and non-functional art, and tailoring content to different forms are linked concerns for me. References to nature, architecture and the body are ever-present. Certain techniques, like piercing, constructing and collaging forms carry over. What is critical in all my work is the abstracted form, containing information and ideas. While a lot of what happens is intuitive and process based, underlying every piece is the belief that the natural markings and natural occurrences, man-made geometry and the human disposition to put things together in contexts, is a continuum, where all parts fit together no matter how disparate. As a life-long believer in “green,” practices, I think the connections between people, their creations and nature is a flow, which I am capturing.







Jewels by jeweler and sculptor Darcy Miro are inspired by nature, architectural forms, and the body. Her exhibition “Part of a Whole” will be shown until June 12th at Gallery Loupe.

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Les joies de la joiera i escultora Darcy Miro estan inspirades en la natura, les formes arquitectòniques i el cos. La seva exposició ”Part of a Whole” es pot veure fins el 12 de juny a la Gallery Loupe.

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