Friday, May 18th, 2012

Karin Seufert at Galerie Marzee


Since several years I’m busy with collecting plastic caps, which were primarily intended for a large-sized object.

When it became clear that a realisation of this project is not possible because of taking far too much time, I started to research about new methods of converting my, in the meantime (because my whole surrounding helped to collect) immense accumulation of caps.

 The caps itself are fascinating already by all their versatile colours, sizes, different transparency gradations, printings and reliefs, but not until the possibility of fusing, they appear in a new and fresh expression, away from their recognizable origin.

The process hereby is the most exciting and it’s surprising once again to see them change, fuse or observe their entire transformation. To see how the print curls, how transparent becomes opaque or the other way around, how a new structure or relief or complete new shape appear by heating and how different colours assemble in a new shape.

It is difficult to manipulate this process, in a way it goes by itself, and the appearance of the results are diverse and astonishing each time.








Karin Seufert was one of the jewelers selected at Schmuck 2012.   Next Sunday May 20th is the opening of her solo exhibition at Galerie Marzee.

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La Karin Seufert fou una de les joieres seleccionades al Schmuck 2012. El proper diumenge dia 20 de maig és la inauguració de la seva exposició a la Galerie Marzee.

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