Monday, May 7th, 2012

Linda Ezerman



In my jewellery I express how I experience the outside world. I am fascinated by the surroundings I find myself in and what these surroundings invokes in me: paradoxical feelings of freedom, security and imminent danger. 

A walk in the woods, for example, invokes a feeling of freedom, yet the woods also make me feel slightly ill at ease: there always seems to be lurking something in the shadows. 

With the sea I also maintain a paradoxical relationship. There is space and unfamiliar life, which I find both fascinating and frightening because of its incomprehensible infinity. 

Moreover, the history of my surroundings create meaning. Century-old remnants of industrial life have made this landscape into what it is today and shaped the people who live here into who and what they are. 

The materials I work with originate from my surroundings: felt, wood, silver and copper, mixed with polymer clay, silicone and paint. My work is wearable, which allows it to offer security or protection from that which is so intangible and yet so impressive: the surroundings in which you find yourself. 




Linda Ezerman makes jewelry and felt objects. I recommend you a visit to her website and her Flickr.


La Linda Ezerman fa joies i objectes de feltre. Us recomano que visiteu el seu web i el seu Flickr.

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