Friday, May 4th, 2012

Anika Smulovitz — “Body in Motion” Series



As an artist working with adornment, I am particularly interested in the relationship between object and wearer.  In my jewelry I explore the creation of self-awareness and the formation of intimate physical understandings of the body.

The first pieces in this series engage the visual problem of capturing movement in a static object.  By referencing artistic depictions of the body in motion from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, I attempt to think through the relationship between the study of movement and the study of time.  References in this series focus on the photographic research of Etienne-Jules Marey and Eadweard Muybridge, and the artwork of the Italian Futurist and contemporary jewelry artists such as Joan Parcher and Rachelle Thiewes.




The “body in motion: gravity” pendants and brooches move beyond my initial attempt to depict movement in a static object, engaging the wearer as an active participant through sensory experience.  This line of exploration records not only the movement of the body, but also becomes an intimate and personal interaction between the wearer and the object.




Is it possible to evoke the act of breathing in a static object through material choices? How might this tune the wearer into the power of their breath? This group of brooches explores these and other questions about the body in motion, and the intimate and personal interaction between the wearer and the object.

“Body in motion: breathe” is an exciting new development in this body of work, exploring breath, materiality and the “romantic” notion of aura in art/adornment.




“Body in motion: tracers” looks to capture the trajectory of a simple ring band or a simple bangle bracelet when worn on the moving body.


Body in motion” is a series by Anika Smulovitz who investigates the relation, from different points of view, between jewels and the movement of human body.  You can see more pieces and find more information on her website and her Crafthaus page.


Body in motion” és una serie de l’Anika Smulovitz on investiga la relació, des de diferents punts de vista, entre les joies i el moviment del cos humà. Podeu veure més peces i trobar més informació al seu web i a la seva pàgina de Crafthaus.



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