Friday, April 20th, 2012

Ela Cindoruk


I have always been amazed by the potentials of simple daily objects and materials that enrich our lives one of them being paper doilies and recently newspaper doilies. The newspaper doily that I designed is an actual product mass produced by using recycled newspaper as an environmental friendly replacement for conventional white paper doilies. These lace substitutes cause us to remember the universal elements of a familiar past. With the  paper doilies I use papier-maché technique combined with paint, gold, niobium/titanium and elastic or silk  thread.

My work is a continuation of my interest in ornamentation in personal and public space. I am as well very much interested in how people use and develop ornamenting habits from the interaction with daily materials has been a constant source of inspiration for me. I try to utilize this richness I find in everyday materials together with precious materials like pearl or gold to achieve contrastingly simple solutions that resonate in harmony.






This is one of Ela Cindoruk‘s collections and I invite you to visit her website to discover all her work.


Aquesta és una de les co·leccions de l’Ela Cindoruk i us convido a visitar el seu web per descobrir tot el seu treball.

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