Monday, April 9th, 2012

“Aurora” New Jewelry by Mia Maljojoki at Velvet da Vinci


For this series, I have worked with textiles to capture color and movement in object form. Through an iterative process of dyeing, sewing, painting, stitching, and dipping simple fabrics are transformed into ephemeral yet wearable skyscapes of hue and shade.







Until April 29th you can visit the exhibition by Mia Maljojoki at Velvet da Vinci Gallery showing her recent work inspired by the forms and colors of the aurora borealis lights.

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Fins el 29 d’abril es pot visitar l’exposició de la Mia Maljojoki a la galeria Velvet da Vinci on mostra el seu recent treball inspirat en les formes i colors de les llums de l’aurora boreal.

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