Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Alexander Blank, Tore Svensson and Despo Sophocleous – Schmuck 2012

Alexander Blank

Memento juniori!, Remember the youth times! Alexander Blank does not formulate the title of his work in a nostalgic way, but he slaughters the comic-heros of his childhood, and reduces up until the bones. Even if they look now like skelets, you can still recognize them: Koyote, the Duck, the Cat, the Bunny. The formal process leads him towards unexpected organic abstractions, which are corresponded with the even more spooky white color that Blank has chosen. This work creates a convincing alliance between comic culture and art jewellery: the icons from yesterday become humoristic talismans for the present times.



Tore Svensson

The winning brooches take as a starting point the theme and function from sentimental jewellery. They refer to the classic typology of portrait –medaillons. Tore Svensson brings to the limit the tension between the private and the public sphere, essential in all jewellery, when he decides to remove the lid oft he medaillon and leave the usually secret images unprotected. The portraits made through etching technique on black steel, reveal themselves and disappear as well all the time through a subtle optical effect. With amazing technical precision Tore Svensson offers a metaphor of the ephemeral nature of our remembering.



Despo Sophocleous

The jewellery by Despo Sophocleous could look like a photo- still of the second before a structure collapses. The representation of unstability or precarious balance does not come across as something threatening but is more likely to remind a equilibristic circus trick. With simple means, she creates playful, poetic compositions out of wooden flat pieces. The single elements are loose, so they can lightly clap with the wearer´s movement, provididing a sensorial, acoustic experience.

(how can you “see a sound”?? synestesia moment)



Alexander Blank, Tore Svensson and Despo Sophocleous are the winners of Schmuck 2012. Last October I met Alexander Blank at the opening of his exhibition “Where did the night go?” at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam.  This past Friday I met Tore Svensson and was able to spend a little time speaking with him in Munich.  In the next few days I will publish a post about his work.  Finally I hope someday to meet Despo Sophocleous – a hope I have held since her work caught my attention four years ago.


Alexander Blank, Tore Svensson and Despo Sophocleous són els guanyadors de Schmuck 2012. El passat octubre vaig conèixer l’Alexander Blank a la inauguració de la seva exposició ”Where did the night go?” a la Galerie Rob Koudijs a Amsterdam. El passat divendres vaig conèixer a en Tore Svensson i vaig poder parlar una mica amb ell a Munich, properament publicaré un post del seu treball. Finalment espero un dia poder coincidir amb la Despo Sophocleous, el seu treball em va cridar l’atenció ja fa cuatre anys.

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