Friday, March 9th, 2012

Marina Antoniou



Perfecting and observing line is, and has always been, a powerful desire. From start to finish, I become obsessed with creating wearables that hold (in my eyes) faultless profiles, flawless silhouettes, unspoilt edges and seamless curves.

Through my questioning and exploration of line comes an instinctive and somewhat effortless response to space. Over the past three years, I have found myself constantly seeking to generate jewellery that has considered positive and negative space; both on and off the body.





Jewels by Marina Antoniou created after observing and experimenting with the line. Visit her page on Kit and caboodle by clicking here.


Joies de la Marina Antoniou creades després de l’bservació i experimentació amb la línia. Visiteu la seva pàgina a Kit and caboodle clicant  aquí.

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