Monday, February 20th, 2012

Martina Eiselein


Necklace, ambidextrous, 925-AG.
Side 1 striking. Surface design uses optical illusion and enhances the effect of folding. Photo: Juergen Pokolm.


Brooch ‘weaving-frame”, 925-AG, Carnelian, Amber.

I am a qualified designer, having studied ‘Visual Communication’ at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf. I’ve been making jewelry since 1989, and have participated in various European exhibitions.
I then qualified as a Silver Clay instructor in 2005 and have been teaching this medium at various schools in Germany since 2006. My personal interest is to achieve ‘less is more’. In addition, I like using graphic elements and geometric shapes. When possible, I incorporate visual, tactile and acoustic effects. Silver Clay allows me to use organic structures – these have greatly influenced my current designs. I mostly use silver, gold, pearls and precious stones.
After 5 years in which I taught mainly, I decided to redefine my personal work and expand my style.


Ring ‘free tendon’, 925-AG, cultured pearl.


Necklace ‘Ice’, handmade beads 999-AG, rough black diamond splinters.


Wedding ring of 3 elements
585-rose gold, 585-paladium-white gold. For the lady with 12 diamonds.



These are jewels created over a period of years by Martina Eiselein. She’s currently working on a project to make one ring per week.  You can see works-in-progress and finished rings on her Facebook page.

More information on her website and at Eiselein Design Facebook page.


Aquestes són joies creades per la Martina Eiselein en diferents èpoques. Actualment està treballant en un projecte que consisteix en fer un anell per setmana. Podeu veure part del procés i anells acabats a la seva pàgina del Facebook.

Més informació al seu web i a la pàgina Eiselein Design del Facebook.

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