Friday, February 17th, 2012

“Every Day”, Exhibition by Paula Lindblom at Sintra



EVERY DAY – each day like the next, but not quite….

Humour, warmth and austerity – three words I associate with my jewellery.

I experience colour and shape in almost everything in my surroundings. There is inspiration to be found in everything –  in a meeting, a shape, a feeling, a reflection, a movement, in a text and so on… Nothing is too small and insignificant so as not to be taken seriously - everything has a meaning at any given time or place.

I make unique, wearable sculptural pieces of jewellery that are free-standing sculptures when they are not worn on the body.

The size of jewellery and the fact that it is worn on the body interests me and that is why I have chosen to work with jewellery as an art form.

I choose my materials from what I find around me, at home, on a walk or at a flea market… ideas and issues decide my choice of material.

What interests me is to give the materials new energy, to put materials and objects into a new context; jewellery, based on today’s consumer society.

I want the original materials to shine through, first I want the viewer to see and experience the piece of jewellery, but then at a second glance I hope the viewer recognizes the materials/ objects I have used, life is revealed if you take the time, time past and present emerge into each other and create a new story…..



Model: Lina Fors


Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition “Every Day” by my friend Paula Lindblom at Sintra Gallery. Good luck Paula, I wish you great success!

For more information you can visit her Klimt02 page.   Click here to  find all published posts about her on this blog.


Demà és la inauguració de l’exposició ”Every Day” de la meva amiga Paula Lindblom a la galeria Sintra. Bona sort Paula, et desitjo un gran èxit!

Per més informació podeu visitar la seva pàgina a Klimt02 i clicant aquí hi trobareu tots els posts publicats sobre ella en aquest blog.



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