Monday, February 13th, 2012

Griselda Elena Peña




Our Western culture is one of commodity. That which is not within this circle of trade and indulgence is trash. I see memory and value in wood and in the origin of the material. With this in mind I render my Regalia of The Protectors, without completely removing their physical identity. A tactile memory, the bark, is left upon the piece giving one a visual connection to the original source it embodies. I am creating a direct physical element for the wearer that is about one’s personal connection to the environment.



Pieces from the series “Regalia of The Protectors” by Griselda Elena Peña. You can find more information on her website, at Flickr, and on her Crafthaus page.


Peces de la sèrie ”Regalia of The Protectors” de la Griselda Elena Peña. Podeu trobar més informació en el seu web, al seu Flickr i a la seva pàgina de Crafthaus.

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  1. Laia says:

    Impressionant el primer bracelet de fusta! Un tros de natura amb tota la seva força.

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