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“Signature” Exhibition by Myung Urso at Velvet da Vinci




Hometown Brooch


Combination Poem Neckpiece


Since I have begun to make jewelry as an art form people frequently ask what are my signature works. Signature defines a creative person’s identity. When originality is applied to art it expresses a personal visual statement.

My jewelry as an art expression transforms itself from my imagination and observations from life. It figuratively shapes itself from either abstraction or illusion through the use of black and white Asian calligraphy and hand stitching applications. Calligraphy in my South Korean culture is considered as an art form rather than a skill. The brush stroke freely expresses it’s strength and the water-based ink reveals the depth of contextual images. Sewing is a technique regarded as a common daily life skill for women in the culture.

These two primal ancient fundamental techniques support the basis for my contemporary jewelry. Each jewelry piece evolves in it’s own way through a creative process that is balanced between shapes and special influences. My jewelry forms are often realized in the moment rather than manipulated in a controlled way.

This organic experience might be referred to as a sign of nature – ‘Signature’.


Offering Neckpiece


Signature: Dialog Brooch


Gray Scape Brooch


Signature / Purity brooch


Pond Brooch

Photos: Timothy Fuss


Today is the opening of the exhibition “Signature” by Myung Urso at Velvet da Vinci Gallery. When I discovered jewelry by Myung Urso in 2008, I felt captivated by her imagination and sensitivity. White, black, grey, and red are the colors that mainly she uses to express her feelings.  Each of her jewels is a result of her imagination and observation with strong references to her culture through calligraphy and sewing. The artists’ reception is on Friday, February 3rd, and you can visit the exhibition until February 29th.

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Avui  comença l’exposició “Signature”  by Myung Urso a la galeria Velvet da Vinci. Quan al 2008 vaig descobrir les joies de la Myung Urso em va captivar la seva imaginació i sensibilitat. Blanc, negre, gris i vermell són els colors que, principalment, fa servir per expressar els seus sentiments. Cada una de les peces és resultat  de la seva imaginació i observació amb profundes referències  la seva cultura a traves de la caligrafia i els cosits. La inauguració és el proper divendres i l’exposició es pot visitar fins el 29 de febrer.

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  1. tenderblue says:

    Wonderful work!A have no words. I love it.

  2. Thanks for the great photos of this wonderful artist, her work is just unbelievable refreshing!

  3. Martina says:

    interesting and special!

  4. francesca says:

    I love the rich texture that contrast with essential and soft dynamic structures, really great work, Thank you!

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