Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Ksenia Obukhova

I am mainly working with the definition of new contemporary values in the modern society, putting the main accent on functional and material values like money, petroleum, credit cards, gold and religion.

I am using the terms of Jewelmoney (Schmuckgeld) and Commodity money, Exchange value and Utility value as a historical reference.

The natural value is disappearing in our society: ages ago money was made out of gold, then precious metals were used for it´s production, now we are used to paper banknotes, plastic cards and even virtual money. The value became psychological. By translating this material values in the media of jewellery, I am giving them another functional value, often associated with jewellery.

My work concentrates on material symbolic and corruption of values and it´s translation in the media of jewellery.


Ksenia Obukhova is a Russian jeweler who has recently opened a gallery in Berlin called New Values featuring works by jewelers from different countries.

Ksenia Obukhova és una joiera russa que ha obert recentment una galeria a Berlín anomenada New Values on es presenten els treballs de joiers de diferents països.

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