Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

ANDY POP by Maria Kuboszek and Tomasz Wozniak

Silver, with it’s unique structure and features, is our major source of creative inspiration and explorations. Working with jewellery and discussing concepts, has led us to the idea of interactive jewellery, which everyone can form on it’s own, which central element, color, is exchangeable and correspond with our mood, whim and spontaneous desire of everyday change. 

While thinking about how to easily change a color of silver rings, we have discovered seemingly trivial combination, well known to everyone: plasticine, fluo tone, better then the one of our childhood, non-toxic, intensive and staining. We have joined it with silver. As a result we would like to present you our FLUO. collection, with exchangeble color, as a central element.

Maria Kuboszek and Tomasz Wozniak are a couple of Polish designers who have worked for the last 5 months on an interesting idea about interactive jewelry. The project’s name is ANDY POP and you can find more information at their website and by watching this video.

Maria Kuboszek and Tomasz Wozniak són una parella de dissenyadors polonesos que han treballat els darrers 5 mesos en una interessant idea en relació a la joieria interactiva. El nom del projecte és ANDY POP i en podeu trobar més informació al seu web i veient aquest video.

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