Friday, December 9th, 2011

"Clear Cut" Exhibition by Nhat-Vu Dang and Benedikt Fischer at Galerie Rob Koudijs

In the opinion of Nhat-Vu Dang and Bededikt Fischer jewellery is an integral part of human life. A few months ago these young artists finished their education at the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academy. They both make jewellery that is as distinct as it is remarkably refined. Now their graduation pieces, supplemented with new work, will be displayed in the gallery.


BENEDIKT FISCHER sees adornment as a primal urge. Of the many roles jewellery can perform – embellishing, distinguishing, symbolizing people, power or religion – Fisher choose the protecting talisman. Surprisingly enough he connected this noble task with the promise of safety provided by the contemporary hard hat. He has cut of large sections of these, often brightly coloured, objects, and lovingly worked the plastic as if it were ivory or precious metal. In this way he produced brooches with bold shapes which are sometimes abstract, sometimes suggestive; their surface became reminiscent of the skin of fruit or fur.


Also NHAT-VU DANG is concerned with other things than mere finery. The playful secrets of his jewellery are meant to stimulate the conversation between strangers as a sort of social lubricant. By using sturdy forms and bright colours Dang does not only want to connect one person with another, but also to connect everybody with contemporary jewellery. The humble nature of the materials he used, cardboard and rubber band, is compensated by the extreme precision with which he handled them. The construction of his jewellery pieces makes wearing them inevitable; his work is meant to build bridges as well as to raise a little riot.

Ward Schrijver 
© Galerie Rob Koudijs

Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition “Clear Cut” by Nhat-Vu Dang and Benedikt Fischer at Galerie Rob Koudijs. The exhibition runs until January 14th.

Demà és la inauguració de l’exposició “Clear Cut” de Nhat-Vu Dang i Benedikt Fischer a la Galerie Rob Koudijs. L’exposició estarà oberta fins el 14 de gener.

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