Monday, November 28th, 2011

"Black & blue (& yellow)" Exhibition by Paolo Scura and Timothy Information Limited at Louise Smit

 Paolo Scura
Ring “Retro Blue 8″, 2011, silver, shibushi, agate, lacquer, pigment
Paolo Scura
Ring “Retro Blue 13″, 2011, silver, epoxy, cubic zirkonia
Paolo Scura
Ring “Retro Blue 9″, 2011, silver, synthetic saphire, enamel paint
Timothy Information Limited
Badge, ‘Not for Sale’ , 2011, Copper, 20 Euro Note, Stainless Steel Pin. A person who is going to send an email to Timothy o 25/12/2011 with a good reason why  they should have it, will receive it for free.:-)
Timothy Information Limited
Badge, ‘Watch the Birdie’, 2011, Nickel, Brass, Copper, Cardboard, Stainless Steel,
Timothy Information Limited
Badge, ‘Two Geezers’, 2011, Silver, Acrylic, Gold Plated Brass, Stainless Steel

“Black and Blue live in London Town. Like brothers, they always remember birthdays and Christmas’s but otherwise, forget it. There is no love lost.
Blue is a dreamer, sees the world from a cloud but apparently has a plan for the future.
Black has a secret. He guards it well. They say it has something to do with the events that unfolded on November 15th, 1993. 
I heard that there is one other character in this story. His name is yellow… Who is He? no-one really knows.
Random stories make up this body of work, that tries to find some sense in their fractured relationship.”

Paolo Scura and Timothy Information Limited
Ring, ‘yellow (no 1)’, 2011, Brass, Silver, Powdercoat
Paolo Scura and Timothy Information Limited
Badge, ‘yellow (no 4), 2011, Powdercoat, Brass, Stainless Steel
Paolo Scura and Timothy Information Limited
Pin, ‘yellow (no 10)’, Brass, White Metal, Powdercoat, Paint
You can visit the exhibition ”Black & blue (& yellow)” by Paolo Scura and Timothy Information Limited at Galerie Louise Smit until December 23rd.
Both are members of Dialogue Collective.
L’exposició ”Black & blue (& yellow)” de Paolo Scura i Timothy Information Limited es pot visitar a la  galeria Louise Smit fins el 23 de  desembre.
Tots dos són membres de Dialogue Collective.

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