Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

"Surface and Substance" Exhibition at Electrum and CAA

You can visit the exhibition Surface and Substance showing international contemporary enamel jewelry curated by Jessica Turrell at Electrum and CAA Galleries.

A les galeries Electrum  CAA  es pot visitar l’exposició Surface and Substance on es mostres treballs de joieria contemporània fets amb esmalts. L’exposició és comisariada per la Jessica Turrell.

Artists on show at CAA / Artistes a CAA:
Jamie Bennett – USA
Stacey Bentley – UK
Jessica Calderwood – USA
Adrean Bloomard – Italy
Helen Carnac – UK
Bettina Dittlmann – Germany
Susie Ganch – USA
Christine Graf – Germany
Carolina Gimeno – Chile/Spain
Ike Jünger – Germany
Kaori Juzu – Denmark
Esther Knobel – Israel
Liana Pattihis – UK
Isabell Schaupp – Germany
Vera Siemund – Germany
Elizabeth Turrell – UK
Jessica Turrell – UK
Annamaria Zanella – Italy

Artists on show at Electrum / Artistes a Electrum:
Ralph Bakker – The Netherlands
Carola Bauer – Germany
Patrizia Bonati – Italy
Stephen Bottomley – UK
Kathleen Browne – USA
Lydia Feast – UK
Karin Johansson – Sweden
Jutta Klingebiel – Germany
Ann Little – UK
Jacqueline Ryan – Italy
Marjorie Simon – USA
Silke Trekel – Germany

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