Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Kimberly Nogueira

sea walk box bead
fine silver
My workbench is strewn with dried seed pods, leaves and twigs collected from my forest walks on the small island I call home.  I walk along the ocean shores here and to these accumulations I add sun-worn driftwood and sea-washed curiosities. My current studio explorations center around these underfoot fragments and my strong emotional reaction to them.

Using tiny antique household objects and vintage childhood toys, I am also examining the fragility and endurance of childhood wonder and its profound effect on our everyday adult lives.

dead branch ring



fine and sterling silver
         collaboration between William Stelzer and Kimberly Nogueira



did I request thee Maker?
fine and sterling silver, bronze, wood, paper, epoxy, copper

bird without a nest
turquoise, sterling and fine silver 
gumball charm kissing rings
sterling silver 



Kimberly Nogueira is a jeweler who lives on an island and her most important source of inspiration is nature.  Motifs of flora and fauna are usually present in her jewels. Through her blog you can feel her enthusiasm as a person who likes to explore, learn about thechniques and materials, and share her experiences. I also suggest you visit her online shop and her Crafthaus page

Kimberly Nogueira és una joiera que viu en una illa i la seva font d’inspiració més important és la natura. Els motius de flora i fauna sovintegen en les seves joies. A través del seu blog es pot sentir l’entusiasme de la persona que li agrada explorar amb materials i  aprendre noves tècniques així com compartir les seves experiències. Us suggereixo que també visiteu la seva botiga on-line i la seva pàgina a Crafthaus.


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