Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

"Sieraarden" Exhibition by Peter Hoogeboom at Galerie Ra

The Dutch title Sieraarden is a play on the words sieraad (piece of jewellery) and aarde (earth). For this is an exhibition which features objects made of earth, i.e. clay, which can be worn on the body. The same fertile earth that produces our food and the same earth in which artefacts from other periods and cultures are found. (…)

Photos by Francis Willemstijn

You can visit the exhibition Sieraarden by Peter Hoogeboom at Galerie Ra until October 12th.
I recommend you the article written by Kerianne Quick on Art Jewelry Forum.
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L’exposició Sieraarden de Peter Hoogeboom es pot visitar a la Galerie Ra fins el 12 d’octubre. Us recomano l’article escrit per la Kerianne Quick a Art Jewelry Forum.
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