Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Stephanie Voegele

(…) This work merges of the grotesque and the elegant, using pearl as an indicator of purity, vanity, social class, and beauty.
By layering this traditional ornament in a contemporary material such as silicone rubber, the pearl necklace becomes
a part of the body — both beauty and imperfection, both skin and adornment. (…)

Skin Adornment is the current project by Stephanie Voegele who investigates intersections between the human body and adornment on its surface. I suggest you visit her website and her Crafthaus page.

Skin Adornment és l’actual projecte de l’Stephanie Voegele qui investiga les interseccions entre el cos humà i l’ornament en la seva superfície. Us suggereixo que visiteu el seu web i la seva pàgina a Crafthaus.

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