Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Patrícia Pla

The jewels are created using the techniqueof enamel on silver, taking into account balance, harmony and color scheme. Thesculpture has also been inspiration for many of the pieces.
Lesjoies són creades amb la tècnica de l’esmalt sobre plata, tenint en comptel’equilibri, l’harmonia i el joc de colors. L’ escultura també ha sigutinspiració per a moltes de les peces.

A few months ago, I held in my hands some jewels from Patrícia Pla at Tresors de la Barcain Girona. Her work is mainly based on color and geometrical forms.

Vaig tenir a les mans algunes joies de la Patrícia Pla als Tresors de la Barcaa Girona. El seu treball es basa principalment en el color i les formes geomètriques.

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  1. s.c says:

    Its amazing how you can still by original in design by such little subjects over the years. And also showing a sign of times. Great posts. Thanks for showing

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