Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Paradise Regained Exhibition by Tanel Veenre at Platina

There are moments when one experiences a feeling of exceptional clarity. Everything instantly seems possible and, for a time, all the threads of doubt weave together to form an invincible rope of conviction, able to carry even the heaviest of burdens. The entire world and every single universe combined can be fastened to that rope.
That is Paradise regained.


Today is the opening of the exhibition Paradise Regained by Tanel Veenre at Platina. You can visit the exhibition until June 18th.
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Avui s’inaugura l’exposició Paradise Regained de Tanel Veenre a Platina.L’exposició es pot visitar fins el dia 18 de juny.
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  1. Thea Clark says:

    I know the feeling and I think it is described perfectly.
    Thank you for posting.

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