Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Nubia Gonçalves

I look for simplicity of both design and function in my work. I am driven by shapes, textures and colors we can find in nature.
My pieces are entirely handmade in my little home studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques.

I met Nubia Gonçalves more than two years ago through the blogs and since then we have been following each other. Her work has two lines: on the one hand her very colorful pieces made with seeds and natural elements and on other hand silver jewels looking for simplicity usually with pearls (she confesses to love them) and recently with diamonds.
Older post about this artist.

Fa més de dos anys vaig conèixer a la Nubia Gonçalves a través dels blogs i ens hem anat seguint mutuament. El seu treball té dues vessants, d’una part les peces molt coloristes fetes amb llavors i elements naturals i d’altra les joies amb plata de línies simples on sovint aparèixen perles (ella se’n confessa una enamorada) i darrerament diamants.
Post anterior d’aquesta artista.

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  1. DANUGS says:

    Thank you so much dear friend! Loved the post!
    Have a lovely week!

  2. montserrat lacomba says:

    Thank you Nubia!

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